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Johnny's Po-boy Man

“While every city has its version of a sliced-beef sandwich on a long bread, there’s nothing that tastes like a poor boy. It’s hard to describe, but you know it when you taste it. (You also know when you’re not tasting it. Example: Mother’s, whose roast beef is good but non-standard in flavor.) While there are many great roast beefs around town, to my palate the sandwich Johnny’s makes comes closest to the ideal. It’s enormous, the gravy is just right in flavor and quantity, the beef doesn’t leave too much to floss out later, and the dressings are good and fresh. Cheap, too.”

Tom Fitzmorris, nomenu.com

“A less refined and more traditional atmosphere for po-boys is found at Johnny’s Po-Boys (511 St. Louis St., 504-524-8129), a busy, crammed lunch counter that has been slinging po-boys since 1950. The po-boys here are quite large, and so is the menu. Even when Johnny’s first reopened after Katrina, it had the largest selection of po-boys then available, from the traditional seafood versions to the meat overload of the Judge Bossetta Special with two types of sausage and ground beef. Johnny’s has seating available, but when the weather is nice it’s a better idea to get a po-boy to go and eat it in Jackson Square or on a bench facing the nearby Mississippi River.”

Ian McNulty, Frenchquarter.com

“For location (right near a busy part of the Quarter) and menu simplicity (po’ boys and more po’ boys), you can’t ask for much more than Johnny’s. They put anything you could possibly imagine (and some things you couldn’t) on huge hunks of French bread, including the archetypal fried seafood (add some Tabasco, we strongly advise), deli meats, cheese omelets, ham and eggs, and the starch-o-rama that is a french-fry po’ boy. You need to try it. Really. Johnny boasts that “even my failures are edible,” and that says it all. And they deliver!”

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“No sandwich in New Orleans is more iconic than the classic po’boy and there is no better place to get your fix than Johnny’s. Serving their signature sandwiches since 1950 you can choose from a wide variety of fillings ranging from chicken and roast beef to softshell crab and alligator sausage. Johnny’s is a no frills kind of place and you’ll find everyone from bankers to musicians and travelers waiting in line. Go classic and get the fried oyster po’boy and don’t forget to add a cup of their seafood gumbo.” – Full Article at CasualTravelist.com

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